The Effects of Honeymoon Cystitis to the New Bride

A honeymoon is supposed to be full of love and pleasure.  Happiness should be in the couple’s minds but a problem could start when the beautiful bride starts to feel sick on that important night.  Accompanying this feeling of sickness is a fear of having sex.  One possible reason for this fear can be attributed to Honeymoon Cystitis.  This is a condition that is related to Urinary Tract Infection.  Most of those that suffer this condition are female and if this is left untreated, the bride will soon start having problems with her kidneys and bladder.

A common cause of Honeymoon Cystitis is exposure to E. coli.  The bacteria are introduced to the body through the urethra.  The E. coli usually lives in the bowel.  They multiply and spread which leads to infection.  This can trigger after having intercourse but it can also be triggered due to an unclean finger, penis or even unclean object.  These things could have been inserted from the anus to the vagina thus allowing E. coli to enter the urethra.  When women wipe from back to front are also predisposed to getting the infection.

Signs and Symptoms

Women affected with honeymoon cystitis could experience a burning or painful sensation while urinating.  There is also an urge to urinate more than usual.  When you observe the urine, it is clouded-like and blood-tinged.  You may also experience pain around the area of the pubic bone.

A person that has been infected with honeymoon cystitis will feel and see the signs and symptoms a day or two after the bacteria is introduced into the body.  A confirmation on the diagnosis is done through a simple urine test.


After identifying the diagnosis through the urine test done, the physician or doctor will be able to prescribe the appropriate medications including antibiotics and pain medications.

Pyridium is a medicine for pain.  This is an analgesic that will relieve the burning sensation an infected person could have.  It also helps remove the need to do frequent urination as well as the removal of irritation feeling.  This medication also helps change urine color to bright orange, red color.

Abstinence from sex is also recommended while undergoing medication.  You may resume once you are already cleared from this condition.  You can also try soaking the area to a warm, non-soapy water which is effective in relieving the pain on that particular place.  Drinking a lot of fluids will also help you while Cranberry juice could help make your recovery faster too.

Honeymoon Cystitis is a condition that could be prevented in the first place.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.  Avoid coffee but instead, drink Cranberry juice.  After a sexual activity, it is highly recommended that you or you and your partner should urinate to flash away any bacteria that could be present at that moment.


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